This year. Business, Conventions and Tattoos

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What a crazy couple of months. After just under a month of building and prep our Bradenton location was opened of Feb 13th. We are a few days away from hitting our one month mark at this store and I feel like this studio will be a huge success over the next year. They say the hardest part of being in business is making it through that first year. I say challenge accepted.

On top of opening a new location we have had a few opportunities with business that we have faced head on and a few accomplishments worth noting.

Zach entered a tattoo into the Ink Life tour and took Second Place in medium Traditional.
10963963_797148300379657_766881255_nzach award

We also brought on a new artist from Michigan to our Port Charlotte store. His name is Jeff. We are glad to have him on board and love his work ethic. Check out his work.

Also new to our staff is our Bradenton Apprentice Chris (yes there are now 3 Chris’ working for us and in one store). He helped a bit on the build out and has been here since day one for the new location. Joe is also new with us learning how to piercing and managing the new studio. We have been so busy I haven’t had time to acknowledge people.


We have been preparing for some other conventions and have a lot of pieces going in the next one this month. Speaking of the convention here is a piece Ashley did yesterday for it.

Due to our convention schedule this month both of our studios will be closed on March 28th (the last Saturday of this month) If you have a piece done by us being entered into the show and you haven’t yet contacted us please email your information (Name, phone and a picture of the tattoo being entered.) We will give you the meet up time, location and entry information.

We have added a few new tabs to our website. Including videos being linked from our Instagram page. Most of it is just us goofing off but cool to look at either way. You can check that out here.

Amongst all the other obstacles we have come across with getting the new business open, I have also put into works our new Clothing line which should be hitting our stores and online sales in the near future. Though its going to be very time consuming and a very big venture for us I think it will be a good thing and I am confident people will like our shirt ideas. If everything goes as I am hoping it will I may have some samples by the time the convention hits. Fingers crossed.