Free tattoo contest – Free shirt & gift bag

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Lets be honest everyone loves free stuff. Especially when the free stuff has a decent monetary value.

We are in the process of getting our clothing line started and while we have plenty of ideas and designs in the works, we thought it would be fun to do a contest to let people help design a shirt. Here are the rules and rewards.

The shirt design can be a quote, an original image/art that you own or any idea that you can think of. It does not have to be Tattoo or Tattoo studio related. The person with the best shirt concept will win a $300 gift certificate to our shop and a gift bag of free stuff. You have to send your ideas to us by email and put Shirt contest as the subject line.

Terms and Conditions.
Any images submitted should be done so at 300dpi and no more than 4 colors. If you submit artwork it must be your own original artwork.
By submitting art work/ideas to Sacred Rites Tattoo for this contest you are giving Sacred Rites Tattoo or any companies owned by us  full rights to your art, concept or idea to use as we see fit. By submitting you agree that all rights, royalties or gains made by Sacred Rites Tattoo or any companies owned by us will be forfeit to you. You will not receive any financial gain or profit due to sales or promotions done by Sacred Rites Tattoo or any companies owned by us. The winner will get a gift certificate for $300 and a gift bag of items of our choosing and a free shirt with the design we use.