Important information and Christmas adoption.

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We are a little under 4 months until the end of the year. As this year is coming to an end we have some things going on that I want to touch on briefly.
First September 18-20 the shop will be closed to work the Tampa Tattoo Convention.

Second please do not forget that we will have a Toys for Tots box set up at the shop for those of you who wish to purchase toys for a family in need.

Finally we (the shop) are going to be adopting a family again this year for Christmas. Like last year the rules are the same. We are looking for families in need that may not have a Christmas without our help. Children must be between 5 and 13. Here is the catch You may not nominate yourself for this. I want people to email us on the behalf of others. Please reach out with a brief description as to why you feel we should adopt this family for Christmas. Provide us with contact information to the people as well. You can send the email to
We are not looking for long drawn out emails. Please keep it simple. We want to make sure we are able to read all the emails and if we have questions we will contact you directly. Thanks in advance.

From last year.
“So without getting into to much of the back story going. This is the family we adopted for Christmas last year. The mom and daughter up until a week or so before Christmas were living in a relatives living room. They got their own spot now and we got their Christmas. The tree ornaments and lights were us too.

Don’t get it twisted. I am not look for approval, applause or anything else. I am sharing this because the holidays aren’t just about getting shit. Giving is just as gratifying. People are in need all over and when you’ve been the one in need and someone reaches out it can restore your faith in humanity. If nothing else it can give you hope to keep pushing forward. This little girl is awesome. Spent some time with her today and she was all smiles and grateful for everything.

Take a minute this holiday season and do something for those who need it.”