October tattoos 2016 and highlights of our year

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October tattoos and the highlights of our year.
It’s been a while since we have made a blog post on our site. We have had one hell of a month. October 27th marked 6 years in business for us and year after year our studio has grown. We are super excited to see what the next year in business will bring us. We’ve brought on new artists over the last 12 months, bringing a new skill set to our studio, and improving the quality of art being put on our customers. We have made changes to the inside of our studio as well and have plans for more growth in the next year.

We have picked two families this year to help with Christmas for their children. It is an amazing thing to constantly be able to give back to our community year after year. From school supplies, Christmas adoptions, and the work we do with non kill shelters. Life is good, and we have our clients and our artists to thank for that.

Here are some October tattoos.