2018 a new year and changes to come.

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2017 brought a lot of new opportunities for the shop as a whole. It saw new business ventures, new artists, piercers and managers as we have continued to grow. 2018 is of to a great start with a new artist moving here to work in February, someone who specializes in dot work and mandala type designs. We are also working on getting guest artists here and doing some remodeling to our studio.

2018 will be different for us now that Casper has moved on to other businesses, still an owner but retired from tattooing. In his stead is Nicole our new Manager. Stepping into his shoes to make sure the studio is running efficiently with as little hiccups as possible. The transition has been smooth and we are very excited to see her excel in this new position.

We will be running tattoo specials through out the year. We are going to be offering 20% off all lettering/script tattoos every Monday in the month of February. We will announce something for March as it gets close.

If you haven’t been in the studio in a while our artist Kevin that moved here from North Carolina in September and has really jumped into his place with us and is building a very solid base for himself and excels greatly when it comes to his portrait work. Check out this Pinhead he did.


Robbie finished his apprenticeship in 2017 and spent the better part of the year growing into a very solid tattoo artist, we have watched him grow and strive to be better with each piece and its exciting watching him grow.

Jeff, Ashley, Peter, Hope and Megan are on their game kicking butt and taking names. We have watched them evolve over the last year as well as our family of artists and misfits have grown closer and pushed each other to be better.

I am really proud of our shop and the things we have accomplished and look forward to many years in this town. You can check out some of the awesome pieces done last year by clicking through the artists portfolios.