• Piercings above the belt

    All body piercing that is located above the belt are only $35. this includes jewelry. Second hole is $20.

  • Upgrades

    We offer a jewelry upgrade from a standard ball to a gem for an additional $5.

  • Pricing

    Dermals are $40. Genital piercings (below the belt) start at $80.


Proper aftercare for your piercing is very important, below are the best practices for your new piercing. If you have any questions please call the shop at 941-979-9960.

  • Your new piercing may secrete a small amount of clear fluid called lymph, this is normal and healthy. As this fluid dries throughout the day, it becomes hard and somewhat sharp. It is very important not to move the jewelry until this crust is removed.
  • The easiest way to avoid this crust is to rinse all of the soap off when cleaning. Lymph is what the body produces if there is something in the body that doesn’t belong.
  • You should clean your piercing in the shower using Satin brand soap. Gently work up a lather over and on the piercing. Making sure that you clean it well. (Dial Anti-Bacterial foam soap is fine to use) Let the soap remain in contact with the piercing for about one minute. Then rinse with clean water for at least 2-5 minutes more. Always use a clean paper towel to pat dry then discard.
  • Cleaning your piercing more than two times a day may weaken your body’s own natural defenses. The use of anti-bacterial ointments such as Bacitracin and Neosporin is strongly discouraged. Ointments may block oxygen from the piercing as well as providing a place for stronger contaminants to breed.
  • Alcohol is considered an ineffective cleaning agent, as is witch hazel. Hydrogen peroxide may sometimes create scar tissue with repeated use.
  • It is a good idea to make sure that you sleep on clean sheets or with clean sleeping clothes. For ear piercing it is wise to avoid public telephones. You should also thoroughly disinfect the phones in your home and office. Be careful with hair care products and harsh shampoos.
  • You should never touch your piercing with dirty hands. Avoid rough handling of a new piercing. Genital piercings should be protected from foreign body fluids until fully healed.
  • The importance of good nutrition must not be overlooked. A quality multi-vitamin, taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, should be considered mandatory. A well balanced diet, stress reduction and sleep, all contribute to problem free healing. During your healing time, a little extra attention to your health and wellbeing will be well worth the effort.
  • Piercings must go through two healing phases. During the first healing stage you are vulnerable to infections and other problems. Follow your piercer’s direction closely. The second phase is a seasoning and toughening up phase. After these two phases are complete the piercing may be considered permanent and manipulated to your liking.

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